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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

13 Reasons Why You Just Can't Take It Anymore

Some aggravating great quotes from LB:tBfL









i did have a question. why isnt rich admitted into our club yet? i really think he would enhance it. other than that things are great at camp.




i dont understand why rich cant be let in. i mean as holly pointed out he is the very reason we know jimmy, johhnny and andy. also any time we looked for a good time he aws there to provide and more often than not pay for it! plus he did live in our room first semester. and even second he always checked up on us through holly. he did all the log events in heart. just cuz he was in spain doesnt mean he wouldnt have jumped at doing all of those acvtvites. and screw the texan problem. after my time here thisd summer i am considering myself part texan so that reason falls. and as far as kicking someone else off well thats just mean. whats wrong with making our club bigger. rich will all the activies from now on snyesy! i see no reason he shouldnt be admitted. i know you all love rich as much as i do. i strongly vote for rich!


On a contrasting note, I would like to congratulate John E. for the following classic. I think Johnny's idea was mean, funny and offensive, and so I congratulate him for it. For the record, I actually think we should let Rich in. He's a complete bastard, and I've always like him (admittedly, I hated him a bit). But I 51% like him.

Even better idea

How about we let Rich in but kick someone else out? They wouldn't be out forever, just a month or so. Then they could come back in and someone else would leave. And yes, I realize that I might be the first to go. But I feel like I have a stellar posting record as well as some quality stories, so I'm willing to take my chances.


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